Australia (2006)

We also picked up one of my best girlfriends, Christine, for a jaunt through the outback. Click on any of the images to see more.

Cairnes, Australia: We went on a driving tour of the rain forests and scuba diving over the Great Barrier Reef (Natural Wonder #2). Two cuttlefish defending their eggs against intruders (us) by diving around the nest and quickly changing colors. Amazing!

Sydney, Australia: We spent Christmas in Sydney. We walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens, got drinks and partied in Kings Cross, went on a tour of the Opera House, visited the zoo, the aquarium, and made it to the top of the tower.

Melbourne, Australia: We spent New Year’s Eve (or Old Year’s Night) in Melboure. I have never experienced such heat, and flies. Every day it was 100ºF.


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