DAYS 5-6: Our second game drive through the Serengeti. We spot a leopard, making 4 out of the big 5! Night 4 we spend at a campsite in the Serengeti without a fence separating us from the residents. Best quote: “If you have to pee in the middle of the night. shine your flashlight into the bush. If you see red eyes, its a big cat and you should return to your tent. If you see green eyes, its a buffalo, or a large herbivore, and you should return to your tent. Don’t pee near your tent, because you’ll be marking your territory, and they may fight for it. Just don’t pee.”

DAY 6: Oldupai Gorge, “The Cradle of Mankind.” The oldest humanoid remains were found by Louis and Mary Leakey at this site.

DAY 7: Ngorongoro Crater. An amazing 3200 sq miles nestled in the Tanzania highlands. Look for the tiny grey blobs in the distance – they’re technically our first rhino spottings.

DAY 8: Meserani Snake Park. We visit the Masai Village near Arusha, tanzania.

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