Not so sentimental old media

This Monday I drove my car to USC and parked on Vermont. I was in the building for 2 hours and when I returned (slightly worried about getting a ticket), there was an 8×11, bright orange flier on my car advertising tax preparation. Every car on Vermont had fallen victim. When I reached my car, I pulled the flier from under my windshield wiper and let it fall under my car. Usually, I would toss it in my car and put it in the trash later, however, I was tired of picking up other people’s litter. This tax preparer hired someone to affix litter to my car! And when that litter hits the ground and officially becomes litter, am I the litterer? It was still litter when it was on the hood of my car! And the name of the perpetrator is on the piece of litter!

In short, car fliers should be considered illegal. Paper does not become litter when it hits the ground, its litter when it becomes unwanted.  Furthermore, the guilty parties write their name and number on the piece of litter. Maybe next time I will collect all of them and dump the litter at their place of business.

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