My Girl Code.

Your emotions are not wrong. Your emotions are valid, important, and essential to who you are. However, because women are stereotyped as unable to manage their emotional excesses (the word “hysteria” is derived from the Greek for uterus), you must find a way to express your emotions in a manner that is not emotional.

My advice to a young female journalist who interviewed me for her HS newspaper about HBO’s Girls, MTV’s Girl Code, and the current state of feminism among young women as it is represented in media. When the interview was over, she asked me to give my own bit of “girl code.”

ADDENDUM: In thinking more about it, I wanted to convey the idea that you should not let anyone tell you that your emotions are invalid or trivialize them (see recent reflection on the application of the word rant to delegitimize emotional reactions). More importantly, don’t allow anyone to even tell you those things in the first place. My message is not to repress your emotions, but know when their display will work against you. I recently experienced my own bit of beneficial bigotry, so I am concerned that this comment may be interpreted as such. Do not change how you feel, embrace how you feel, but being able to control its expression is an important skill to have. 

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