Caribbean Multiracial Ethnic Identity and Social Networking Sites: Accepted at #ICA15 in Puerto Rico!

See you in May, Puerto Rico!

ABSTRACT: Persons of mixed race are often framed as the ‘other,’ forced to construct and affirm identities based on larger societal norms where monoracial is the norm. However, being multiracial in the Caribbean is the norm and in some cases, the majority. This study investigates the ethnic history of the Caribbean and its role in the national and personal identities of multiracial individuals. In-depth interviews with nine Caribbean respondents reveal how social media allows them to present both their Caribbean ethnicity and their multiracial selves online and demonstrate the importance of constructing and performing ethnicity Nationality was salient in both online and offline interactions as interviewees presented themselves in contrast to being multiracial where many participants placed less emphasis. Alternatively, those who migrated out of the Caribbean used social media in other ways to articulate their multiracial identity when mixed race was no longer the norm, thus demonstrating the importance of visibility and representation. a cohesive mixed identity is built on the history of the Caribbean, and this  in turn can help mixed individuals cope with external stereotypes, social struggles, and microaggressions given the cultural dominance of monoethnic racial discourse.

CITATION: Maragh R.S., & Corsbie-Massay, C.L. (May 2014). Caribbean Multiracial Ethnic Identity and Social Networking Sites. Presented at International Communication Association, San Juan, PR. Click here to see the Prezi Presentation


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