Throwback Thursday #TBT: My Life Story

This week, I discussed the relationship between computers and psychology in my class “Psychology of Interactive Media.” Although many voices in this area jump to networked computers and the way we interact with others because of the internet, I have taken a week to specifically discuss the psychological impact of computers, sans-network. How has the invention of the home computer affected our cognitions, attitudes and behaviors? The ability to work from home, the expectation of professional quality content, the ability to journal digitally, all of these things have changed the way we think about our abilities as humans. I will also be sharing this “book.”


In 1990, I wrote “My Life Story” for my 4th grade class. I remember being so impressed because I used a computer. Even though the dot-matrix printer was on the fritz, requiring me to go back over the text with a pencil to make it darker, I really believed that this was a well composed autobiography. My teacher even said so on the back page. Now, we can print our own books with our own amazing pictures and binding for $20 and have it shipped to our homes. This digital sphere, networked or not, has impressive psychological power. Being able to construct my own “professional book” at 8-years-old definitely started me down the path of academia, and internally reinforced the value of my own voice, even though I’m certain my friends and family would say that was never a problem.

“My hopes for the world are that the air won’t be filled with pollution and that the world won’t be buried in garbage. I also wish that the people who make drugs would be arrested and that smoking will be illegal or all ages; young and old.”

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