#TBTSelfie Part 2: Sticker Pictures

I recently came across a bag full of sticker pictures from college c. 2001. The sticker picture was the first time that I had the opportunity for regular immediate photographic gratification; growing up, I didn’t have a Polaroid camera because the film was too expensive. So much of our selfie culture is based on im-media-cy; it is not about how we look, but rather how we look right now. The Kodak iZone made that opportunity available for cheap 1999.

I loved my sticker camera, and I had forgotten how much until I came across this bag of photos. I have a lot of hair selfies. In 1999, I cut off my hair instead of continuing to straighten it. Until then, I was generally unable to manage my own hair and I often left it up to my family members or hairstylists. In cutting off my hair, I learned how to take care of it inch by inch, and I was madly in love with my curl pattern.

TEDxSyracuse University: Friday, April 17, 2015 at 5pm
Livestream Available at http://tedx.syr.edu/livestream.html


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