#TBTSelfie Part 4: Color of Selfie

Reposted from June 3, 2014: Inspired by a photo series entitled Humanœ, a “chromatic inventory… to record and catalog all possible human skin tones,” I decided to do my own quick pantone using an assortment of selfies. Click here to see all 25 shades.

I originally put this series together as an exploration of colorism, prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on skin tone, often within ethnic or racial group. Colorism runs deep and can affect all members of a group. For a great summary, see Dark Girls (2011) and Light Girls (2015). I also shared 8 Things Pale Latinas are Tired of Hearing and stories about Eva Longoria and Beyonce.

But I chose to explore how different photos of oneself can help unpack and question the stability of color. I pulled 25 of my favorite pictures (mostly selfies) and isolated the dominant skin color from the cheek. 25 pictures, 25 colors, a self-pantone. In doing so, my selfies contribute to a larger conversation about social and political issues. Selfies-as-Art.

How would you make your selfies into art? What emotions and observations would you want to convey across your work? Do that.


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