Erika Green Swafford: 15th Annual Conversation on Race and Entertainment Media

Last night, I interviewed Erika Green Swafford, writer and producer on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder in the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium at the S.I. School for Public Communications at Syracuse University for the 15th Annual Conversations on Race and Entertainment Media. We discussed Erika’s career through media, the content she wants to produce, and the unique diversity behind the writers room on #HTGAWM.

Erika Green won an NAACP Image Award for writing the episode “Let’s Get to Scooping,” which featured the now famous vanity scene where Viola Davis removes all of her makeup and her wig. You read a summary of the importance of the scene by Franchesca Ramsey and watch it at the link below…

You can also watch Davis’ interview about the scene on The Wrap.

Green was also nominated for the episode “Mama’s Here Now” with the renowned actress, Cicely Tyson.

Selected Clips from the Conversation available here!



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