Mary Tyler Moore: The Exemplary Disruption of the Single City Girl now available at

This weekend, I met Jay Sandrich, director/producer on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Cosby Show, A Different World, SOAP, Benson, Empty Nest, It Takes Two, The Tony Randall Show, Golden Girls, and more. He liked my essay, but thought it was a little “too intelligent.”


In 2004, I moved to Los Angeles at 22. Fresh from undergrad and newly thin, I imagined that men would be knocking down my door and my life would be filled with dinner and dancing. I had no idea where this expectation came from, but I was excited for my life in the big city. I would be a Single City Girl. In 2016, I taught a 5-week course investigating the role of the Single City Girl in mediated representations of gender, class, and race. Entitled #singlecitygirl and only featuring a generic description, the class was filled almost immediately. Comprised of almost all women, many of the students expressed their excitement over the term “Single City Girl” and had their own definitions and exemplars. For these young women, being a Single City Girl meant being independent and embracing life to its fullest. The Single City Girl archetype had come to define their expectations of life, even if they did not know from where it came.

The longer version of the paper is available here: The Archetype of the Single City Girl (Ongoing)

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