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Black Women in Media @ BRIC Arts House Dec 2015

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Fight Brainwashing; A Lesson for Media Communicators with Thomas Burrell

Founder of Burrell Communications, one of the largest multi-cultural marketing firms in the world, and author of Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of the Black Inferiority Complex, joins COM346 to talk about his book and the current state of American Media. … Continue reading

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#WhereAreTheWomen: The Psychological Effects of Gender Annihilation

Drawing on psychological theories including social exclusion, discrimination, and identity conflict, the current research investigates the effects of gender annihilation from a potential group, Digital Heroes. When watching a video for Digital Heroes featuring all men, women who self-categorized as … Continue reading

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Racial and Gender Exclusion Affect Novel Group Identity: Effects of a single instance of Symbolic Annihilation

Media representations of social groups provide important information about a group’s status in American culture, which can subsequently affect viewer identity. Symbolic annihilation, or the exclusion of a viewer’s social group (e.g., race, gender) from media, is hypothesized to reduce … Continue reading

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Symbolic Annihilation: What happens when you don’t see people that look like you in media?

Groups are an important component of self-concepts and essential to survival. The demographic composition of a group provides important cues as to whether the group will accept an individual, and this implicit information can affect our identification with novel groups. … Continue reading

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