#DisruptDiscourse supports projects that call attention to trends in media and their effect on audiences, in order to make the future more inclusive and egalitarian for all people.

We are at the intersection of the past and the future. Only effortful awareness and engagement, distributed via mass media, will interrupt cognitive inertia and set us on a new trajectory forward.

We invite proposals for critical and research-driven media content. Interested groups should complete the “Intent to Submit” with the following information.

  1. Project Title
  2. 75-Word Project Pitch that describes the project, as well as the goals and target audience
  3. Target Outlet(s)
  4. Names, Email Address, Majors, Year of all Group Members

The following week, groups will have 10 minutes to pitch their project to representatives of their targeted media outlets. Pitches should describe the value of their media content in disrupting discourse, share some examples of the content, and answer questions regarding why their content should be supported moving forward.

You can see projects from past years at thisislife346.tumblr.com (password: COM346)