Critical and Curious: A Fast and Furious Podcast

I’m excited to announce my newest podcast with Bob Thompson, the Ambassador of Pop Culture, where we explore the cultural impact of Fast and Furious through the lens of pop culture history, media theory, and representations of race, class, and gender. All episodes are available at and at iTunesGoogle PlaySpotify, and Stitcher. Episode summaries and links available below.

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17th Annual Conversation on Race and Entertainment Media: Jonathan Jackson of BLAVITY

I will be interviewing Jonathan Jackson, Co-Founder & Head of Corporate Brand of BLAVITY. We’ll talk about changing identity in a digital sphere, marketing to millennials, and intersectional Blackness in the Halmi Screening Room (Newhouse 3, Room 141) at 7:30PM.

Check out Tweets via Storify, a summary via The Newshouse, pictures below, and stay tuned for clips!


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Maureen Dowd at Syracuse

Check out the live stream of the conversation via Storify!

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Chatting about Diversity Education in Media with Joy Reid

On Tuesday, I had the awesome honor and privilege to chat with Joy Reid, MSNBC correspondent and host of AMJoy, about her definitions of diversity, and the experience of teaching diversity and inclusion classes to the next generation of media producers through Newhouse.


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The (Implicit and Explicit) Whiteness of the Golden Globe Protests

Although last night’s Golden Globes celebrated the silence breakers who spoke up about sexual abuse and assault, the entire conversation was dominated by white women, and more importantly, controlled by a white narrative.

This is unsurprising given the historical dominance of white women in American feminist movements, but with the recent discussions of intersectionality and greater public awareness of the disproportionate impact of sexual harassment and assault on women of color and working-class women (as well as LGBTQ women, which were not mentioned at any time in the night), I had hoped that these complicated conversations would have appeared in the actual content of the show. Instead, they were red carpet fodder at best. Continue reading

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What does media literacy mean to you?

Media literacy “is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms” (Center for Media Literacy), and is a core tenet at the Newhouse School. However, for those that teach media, especially at a professional school whose graduates go on to produce media, the working definition of media literacy and its deployment in the classroom is a much more complicated and nuanced endeavor. For Media Literacy Week, sponsored by the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), I asked several of my colleagues…

What does media literacy mean to you and how do you bring it into the classroom? 

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I’m a Slice of MIT!

I was interviewed for the MIT alumni website Check it out!

From Self-Worth to the Selfie



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