My research investigates the relationship between media and psychological development and identity. I earned undergraduate degrees in Brain and Cognitive Science and Comparative Media Studies from MIT, with an emphasis on psychological development, television, and new media, and a Masters from USC’s School for Cinematic Arts in Critical Studies with a focus on youth culture and identity development. I have also worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, and research groups at the MIT Media Lab, MIT Face & Object Recognition Lab, USC Keck Medical School, and USC’s Annenberg School for Communication.

Current Research Projects

Psychological Effects of Symbolic Representation and Annihilation: This research features original videos that systematically feature or exclude certain groups to experimentally investigate the effects of media representation.

Psychology of Selfies: Selfies are often derided as a fad or something to be feared. However, this research investigates the psychological benefits of selfies as a digital self-portraiture.

Defining Blackness and the Black Market Paradox: Inspired by a residency at Burrell Communications, one of the first and largest Black-owned advertising agencies, this research investigates the diverse definitions of Blackness and the role of media in this inherently intersectional identity.


Available Research Categories

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