Group Representation, Identity, and Media (GRIM) Lab encompasses multiple projects that address the psychological effects of demographic representation on identity, attitudes, and behaviors. Studies qualitatively assess expectations of culture, experimentally manipulate the composition of promotional materials, and critically explore the composition of user-produced content like blogs, selfies, and music videos.

Current Projects

  • #WhereAreTheWomen: Psychological Effects of Gender Annihilation
  • Multiracial and Monoethnic: Ethnic Identity Development in the Caribbean
  • Changing Public Discourse Regarding Obesity
  • Psychology of Community Organizing
  • I Share Therefore I Am: Gratifying Needs through Social Media Engagement

Group Members

  Emelia Armstead (PR Blogging; B.S. Public Relations): Emelia investigates the experiences of PR professional women of color through textual analyses of blog posts.
Kimberlee Bochek (Music Marketing; B.A. English Textual Studies, Public Communications Minor): My research investigates the effectiveness of traditional music promotion, including posters and stickers, and the role of stereotyping on this process as well as the effectiveness of social media in promoting new artists.
Kendrat headshot retouched 1 Steven Kendrat (Youth and YouTube: M.A. Media Studies): Youth-created video content affects industry trends, expression, and identity. My research seeks a greater understanding of youth-created music videos on YouTube by studying emergent trends through a quantitative content analysis.
Maxwell MAIR Sthudent Headshots 2013 Timi Komonibo (Fashion Diplomacy; M.S. in Public Relations and M.A. in International Relations): In 2013, Timi started a fashion-focused non-profit organization called Style Lottery where she advocates for sustainable fashion and fashion philanthropy. Check out her 2014 TEDxSyracuse talk, “I Found My Heart in A Walk-In Closet.”

Collaborations with Other Organizations and Universities

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