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Racial and Gender Exclusion Affect Novel Group Identity: Effects of a single instance of Symbolic Annihilation

Media representations of social groups provide important information about a group’s status in American culture, which can subsequently affect viewer identity. Symbolic annihilation, or the exclusion of a viewer’s social group (e.g., race, gender) from media, is hypothesized to reduce … Continue reading

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Symbolic Annihilation: What happens when you don’t see people that look like you in media?

Groups are an important component of self-concepts and essential to survival. The demographic composition of a group provides important cues as to whether the group will accept an individual, and this implicit information can affect our identification with novel groups. … Continue reading

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Social Exclusion Meta Analysis

The field of social exclusion has experienced surge in research in the past 20 years, experimentally drawing conclusions on human phenomenon. Social exclusion is present throughout many cultures, and may be the most pervasive form of social punishment in humans … Continue reading

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Surgical Multimedia Academic and Research Training (S.M.A.R.T.) Tool

The field of medical education has consistently embraced new technologies in an attempt to improve the training process of our nation’s doctors. There are thousands of available multimedia learning tools (MMLTs), but no quantitative scale exists to assess their efficiency … Continue reading

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Face Database

Just a quick compilation of the Face Database Collected for MIT’s Face and Object Recognition Lab. The face morphs from this database were awarded the 3rd prize in Scientific American’s Optical Illusions (2008).

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Aesthetic judgments of faces in degraded images

Javid Sadr, Bastian Fatke, Charisse L. Massay, Pawan Sinha doi: 10.1167/2.7.743 Journal of Vision November 20, 2002 vol. 2 no. 7 article 743 What makes a face beautiful? Facial symmetry and averageness have been proposed as important determinants of attractiveness, … Continue reading

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Facial Attractiveness

The Illusion of Sex. These images are morphed faces of over 50 of my friends at MIT from 2001-2003. People generally perceive the picture on the left as female and the picture on the right as male, but they are … Continue reading

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