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That Time a Trans Woman Saved My Life

Last week, I chatted with a former student. The last time I saw this student in the spring, she had long curls. This time, they were cut short. I said, “You cut your hair!” She and I talked about curly … Continue reading

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Why Black People Love Empire

Black people love Empire because this is the first time we have ever seen a big budget soap opera on a broadcast network that focused on a Black family. Much like Dallas (1978-1991) and Dynasty (1986-1991), both of which aired over … Continue reading

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Tackling Diversity is like Eating a Whale

This week, my students asked several questions that highlighted the conundrum of teaching diversity in media: (1) the fact that these discussions make everyone feel uncomfortable, (2) the no-win situation of attempting to be “diverse” when producing media, and (3) the … Continue reading

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