COM107 Speaker Series

Every year, I invite some of my favorite early media professionals into my introductory class, Communications and Society (COM107) to talk about what they do, why they got into the industry, and share any words of wisdom for media students. The entire playlist is available on YouTube.

Fall 2013

  • Jamie Carreiro Art in AdvertisingJamie Carreiro (, Creative and Tech Director at PARTY NY. Interviewed while working as the Director of Innovation at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Trained in computer programming and video production, Jamie has worked for Essence TV, Weiden + Kennedy, and is also the resident video artist for independent artist, MNDR. We will be talking about the role of art and culture in the future of advertising and the currency of attention.
  • Jeff Glendenning Visual Journalism: Jeff Glendenning is an Asst. Prof. in VPA at Syracuse University and worked as a creative director and designer in publishing, branding and interactive design. He art directed and designed covers and special issues at The New York Times Magazine. From there Jeff worked in branding and interactive design at the advertising agency Mother New York, Condé Nast, and Teachers College Columbia University.
  • Míchel Martinez Photography, Politics, and the Importance of Images in Social Movements: Míchel Martinez investigates the need for photography in social movements and the subsequent criminalization of photography. As a self-identified activist, she organizes initiatives to address local and national labor issues, increase awareness of the injustices in the prison system, and most recently was actively involved in the Occupy movement in Los Angeles.

Spring 2014

  • Neil Wade Why Television? Production Coordinator on The Fairly OddParents joined my class to talk about his experiences in television. He has also worked as a Production Assistant at Family Guy and as an intern on Dora the Explorer. Neil graduated with a degree in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and talks about his transition to television as he chased a passion for animation.
  • Ivy Onyeador Social Psychology, Social Media, and Social Justice: Ivy is pursuing her doctorate in Social Psychology at UCLA; her research investigates perceptions of people with multiple social identities. We will talk about the connections between Psychology, Social Media, and Social Justice, and how Ivy has used her Facebook page as a space for discussion and real world application of research related to intersectional identity and intergroup engagement.

Fall 2014

  • Marisa Wayne What is PR?: Marisa Wayne, VP at Rubenstein in New York City talks about her years in the PR industry. Marisa interned at ABC Daytime and Soap Opera Weekly, and also worked at Z100. She talks about what she does on a daily basis, shares insights of the industry, and offers recommendations for students considering PR.
  • Kim Daniels Editing Reality and the Future of TV: Kim Daniels, Digital Producer for Marriage Bootcamp on We TV, shares her experiences in the world of unscripted programming. She has also worked on Dirty Jobs, The Bachelor, and Ghost Hunters. She talks about her place at the intersection of broadcast and digital media, and the future of television.
  • Becky Hurwitz Research Action and Design: Becky Hurwitz, co-founder of Research Action and Design, describes her work in participatory media and social justice. She shares her career trajectory, some of her favorite campaigns, and her thoughts on hashtag activism and using media to affect real world change.

Fall 2015

  • DJ Summers on Defining Journalism: DJ Summers, Newhouse alumni and writer for the Alaska Journal of Commerce, joins my COM107 class to talk about his work and his perspective on on Journalism. Apologies in advance for the reverb in the beginning.
  • Dustin Sweet Making Movies: Dustin Sweet, Independent Animation Producer and Artist, joins my COM107 class to talk about his experiences in navigating the entertainment industry and words of advice for students who want to make movies.
  • Jason Steinhauer Communicating History: History is more than just memorizing facts and dates, it is about understanding the connections between people and across time. Jason Steinhauer is a public historian at the Library of Congress whose History Relevance Campaign and History Communicators advocates for a more intelligent and informed citizenry based on the knowledge of our past. He joins my COM107 class at Syracuse to discuss the unique role of media in this process.

Spring 2016

  • Alex Otto Branded Content: Alex Otto, Director of Branded Entertainment at TLC joins my COM107 class to talk about the unique intersection of content and advertising. Alex has worked at NBC Universal and CBS Paramount Television. She talks about what she does on a daily basis and how students without media degrees can make a career in the industry.

Fall 2018

Reality vs. Mediated Reality: The Plight of one CNY Farm Worker

Due to medical and family issues, the 107 Speaker Series has been on hiatus. However, in Fall 2018, I was honored to host Matt DeLeon (SU ’16), a representative for the Eastern Farm Workers Association (EFWA) in Syracuse that advocates for farm workers and other non-unionized labor in Central New York, along with Nicolasa, a farm worker originally from Guatemala, her son Alan, and Dan (ESF ’19) to discuss the situation of farm workers in New York and the media representation of their stories: Realit

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